Life gets easier and you become more productive and happier as you enter the statesperson phase of life.” - Russ Whitney


About Russ Whitney

Who is Russ Whitney? What does he do? What makes him tick? And why should you care? Entrepreneur, philanthropist and bestselling author, Russ Whitney, is a classic American success story. After surviving an abusive childhood, he built his own personal fortune and became a recognized worldwide leader in the real estate investment and financial training fields. His books include Building Wealth (Simon & Schuster), Millionaire Real Estate Mentor (Dearborn), and The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset (Doubleday). Russ Whitney’s successes and failures have been very publicly chronicled, but not always with total accuracy. On these pages, we present the truth about Russ Whitney – the complete, unvarnished, amazing and not always flattering truth. Today, Russ Whitney’s mission goes far beyond teaching how to make money and succeed in business. He has found the peace and joy that comes with knowing your true purpose in life and he wants to share that with you. He has spent years developing a set of principles and strategies that are easy to learn and apply – and that produce immediate results. You’ll find those principles and strategies in Russ Whitney’s latest book, Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion (Hay House). This life-changing blueprint for personal and spiritual development is available Now!

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