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When he first began writing his book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion, what Russ Whitney wanted to do was give readers a clear-cut way to tap into their own Inner Voice, which of course meant defining exactly what the Inner Voice is so that people could understand it.

In Chapter 2 of the book Russ explains how, when he was a young man with a new family, a decent but low-paying job and a lot of responsibilities, he followed his own Inner Voice unknowingly, mostly because he lacked the education to understand exactly what it was.

Russ explains that his lack of education was actually a boon towards helping him to listen to his Inner Voice because it meant that his “educated brain” couldn’t get in the way. (There’s a great anecdote about Steve Jobs in the book that explains this quite well.)

The fact is that Russ has always been listening to his Inner Voice even though he didn’t actually know what it was at the time. He explains that it’s more than just intuition or a “gut feeling” as some people call it, but instead a conscious contact with God (or the higher power of your choosing) that is like a guiding hand in your life.

Before writing the book Russ went on a five-year journey of self-discovery that helped him to see what the inner voice actually is and how to tap into it to make his life better. That’s the reason that Russ wrote the Inner Voice book, so that everyone would have the opportunity to discover their own Inner Voice without having to spend five years and countless dollars to do it.

Trying to explain this here would in all honesty, be a little bit difficult. That’s what the book is for and, if you’re keen on finding out how to tap into your own Inner Voice, you should have a copy of the book. It will be a book that you keep handy for a long time so that you can refer back to it whenever you need inspiration or clarity.

It’s more than just a compelling read and an interesting story but a guidebook to figuring out what’s blocking you from having the success and happiness that you deserve. The anecdotes, Inner Voice Whispers and step-by-step instructions will help you to not just understand what the Inner Voice is but also how to use yours to change your life, both personally and professionally.

Plus, it’s a great read!

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