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gratefulRuss Whitney is very much into technology. He has several blogs and also a video blog that he puts together every week. He also is very active on his Facebook page, keeping in touch with his many readers and Facebook friends there.

Recently, Russ saw an online video about the about the war in Syria and it was so powerful in its sadness and despair that Russ sent a message to his Facebook friends and also sent them a link to the video.

His message in a nutshell; be grateful for what you have, and more importantly who you have, in your life right here and now.

Russ’s words were brief, but powerful; Happy Sunday to you! If you think things are tough or you are going through a rough period in life, you should watch this video. Today, I thank God for every struggle I’ve ever had. NOT ONE matches this. ANDDDDD every struggle i’ve (sic) ever faced has passed – and then the next blessing showed up. It amazes me that I ever doubted God’s love and care. Russ 

If you’ve ever read his book, Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion you’d know already that Russ is a big believer in living in today and giving thanks every day for what he has. The people of Syria live in fear of death every single day of their lives. Orphaned children roam the streets there trying to survive. In a word, it’s horrifying.

It also kind of puts all of our problems in perspective, you have to admit.

In fact, any problems that every person reading this blog right now might have would pale in comparison to Syria, and many other parts of the world.

Being grateful and thankful for that is something that everyone who lives in a nice home, with nice things, and has people in their lives that love them, should practice every day. It’s easy, and the effect it has on your life, and your soul, is well worth the effort.

If you think about it a moment, we really are very fortunate to have all that we do.

Here’s that link, for anyone who’s interested.  Be aware that the content of this video might make you very, very sad.

Write article on Russ’s FB post about this: http://www.faithit.com/everything-you-need-know-about-conflict-syria-summed-up-right-here-eye-opening/#.U_nuDHID7eI.facebook.

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