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stormWhen they see a storm come up far away on the horizon, the first thing that most people do is start mentally going through a checklist of important things. Where are their family and friends, is there enough emergency supplies, and do they have enough batteries.

Then they weather out the storm, hunkering down and hoping for the best.

Sometimes the best isn’t what happens. Hurricane Sandy was more than people imagined it could ever be, and destroyed much of the northeast coast. The terrorist attacks of September 11, which just passed their 13th anniversary, left America in shock.

Like most, Russ Whitney was horrified by both disasters, and felt the pain and shock along with the rest of the country. Russ has seen his fair share of storms, that’s for sure, including the storm that was his home life growing up in an abusive family.

But Russ Whitney also knows, and takes heart from the fact, that storms pass and that, with time, everything and everyone heals.

Sometimes storms due to more human causes must be weathered more than storms that we can see on the evening news. The loss of a loved one, a horrible accident, or even something like the sudden loss of a job, can all seem like disasters when they happen, and sometimes they are.

But time, as they’ve always said, heals all wounds. Smashed buildings get trucked away and shiny, spectacular new ones get erected in their place. The coast gathers up their strength to rebuild, and comes back stronger than ever.

Humans are quite resilient, to be sure. Some who’ve had the type of childhood that Russ Whitney had to endure turn to crime and drugs, but many survive and even thrive. Russ is a survivor. He’s been through the storm and come out the other side, and faced others in his life too, also to overcome them and still stand tall.

So if you find that you’ve just been through a storm, even if it hasn’t exactly been raining, take heart in the fact that things will get better.

They always do.

A lot about surviving storms can be helped if you can also manage your emotions, including anger.  See our blog about Managing Anger from back in April (http://aboutrusswhitney.com/2014/05/06/angry/) for more insight.  Enjoy!

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