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second-chanceLife can be, in a word, difficult. These stresses of daily life, including work, relationships and everything that comes with them, can sometimes be a heavy burden to bear.

Many times that burden becomes overwhelming and, for whatever reason, we make choices that end up turning into mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes end up ‘bugging’ us, nagging at us or, in many cases, keeping us from reaching the success and having the joy that we were meant to have.

Some of the mistakes that we make are bad enough that we end up sitting around thinking to ourselves “if I only had a second chance I would do this” or “if I could do it over again I would do that”.

Russ Whitney, author of Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion, used to have those same thoughts about second chances, especially after an adolescence that was marred by jail time.

The reason we say “used to” is that Russ realized a long time ago that we all do get second chances, and those second chances come with the dawn of every single new day.

Today Russ knows that there’s no sense, and truly no need, to live in the past. The resentment, shame, anger, and hurt that we felt was real, there’s no doubt about that. The fact is however that yesterday is gone and won’t be coming back, ever.

That means today is actually the second chance that you’ve been waiting and hoping for.

Today is the day that you can fix that damaged relationship. Today is the day that you can say to yourself “that was a stupid mistake, but I won’t make it again because I’m smarter”. Today is the day that you can finally forgive yourself for something, you might have done in your youth, and forgive someone else for the same thing.

The simple truth is this; life is full of second chances if only you have the courage, and the wisdom, to take them.

So do yourself a favor and, no matter what it was, what happened, when it happened or who was involved, let the past go and give yourself the second chance that you deserve, starting today.

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