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leavesWith Autumn in full swing, and another change of seasons upon us, millions of people around the country are enjoying the annual changing of the leaves and the brilliant colors that come with it.

Many look at this annual change as an ending but, when you think about it, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Russ Whitney, the author of Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion, loves this annual splash of fall colors as much as anyone, but he also realizes that, even though the leaves will all soon be gone, the tree remains and will have a beautiful new set of leaves in just a few months.

Russ also knows that, in some ways, people are very much like trees. We go through our changes and sometimes it appears that we don’t have anything left to give but, miraculously, we spring back even stronger than before, strong and healthy and reaching towards the sun.

Russ knows of what he speaks because, as a young man, his ‘leaves’ seemed to have withered and died at an early age. A product of a broken, abusive home, it would have been easy for him to simply give up but, like a strong and silent tree in winter, a new Spring came around and Russ was able to make a new start.

It would be easy for a person to look at a forest in winter and see only desolation and death but nothing could be further from the truth. Inside every tree, and indeed every person, is the innate ability to come back to life. All that’s needed is a little bit of time, patience and love (and a bit of sunshine too, of course).

Russ Whitney has, incredibly, done it several times. Even after the loss of his multimillion dollar company and the end of his marriage, he was still able to “sprout new leaves” and make a seemingly miraculous comeback. Lucky for us, the result of that comeback was his wonderful book.

The fact is, nearly everyone goes through ups and downs in their life and, at times, it can seem that they simply don’t have anything left.

As for Russ, he’ll be the first to tell you that a stark, seemingly dead tree will, come springtime, bloom once again into a gorgeous, healthy, leaf-filled oak.

Back in April we ran a blog entitled “Sometimes disappointment can be the best thing that happens to you”. It really seems to go well with today’s blog and, if you have a few extra minutes, you should check it out. Enjoy.

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