Walk Towards Your Dreamsposted by in Russ Whitney

Sometimes people fear the inevitable, like  the thought of a relationship ending or being forced out of a job when the company they work for is taken over. Many have dreams, visions and goals for themselves but, due to various fears about failure, not having enough money and other unforeseen challenges, they never take the first step to make th Read more >>


Fall is not the Endposted by in Russ Whitney

With Autumn in full swing, and another change of seasons upon us, millions of people around the country are enjoying the annual changing of the leaves and the brilliant colors that come with it. Many look at this annual change as an ending but, when you think about it, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Russ Whitney, the author of Inner Read more >>


Everyday is a Second Chanceposted by in Russ Whitney

Life can be, in a word, difficult. These stresses of daily life, including work, relationships and everything that comes with them, can sometimes be a heavy burden to bear. Many times that burden becomes overwhelming and, for whatever reason, we make choices that end up turning into mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes end up ‘bugging’ us, Read more >>


Wake up calls and your Inner Voiceposted by in Russ Whitney

Have you ever been at a hotel on a vacation or business trip and asked the front desk to give you a wake-up call?  If not, it’s a call that they give you to make sure you get up, get going and don’t miss your flight, or your meeting or whatever it is that’s important for you to accomplish the next day. In other words, a wake-up call keeps Read more >>


Integrity, the foundation of every good businessposted by in Russ Whitney

There are, to be sure, many new businesses that spring into existence every single day.  Many of them are based on great ideas and started with the intent on bringing excellent services and goods to the public and, of course, making a decent profit on those goods and services. Russ Whitney, author of Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passi Read more >>


Dealing with Heartbreak, and the Heartache that Follows.posted by in Russ Whitney

The pain of heartbreak can be as real as the pain from getting slapped in the face (not that we condone slapping), except that, with a slap, at least the pain subsides after a few minutes. The pain cause by getting your heart broken seems to last for a lot longer, and can sometimes seem like it’s never going to end. Like many of you, Russ Whit Read more >>


All Storms Passposted by in Russ Whitney

When they see a storm come up far away on the horizon, the first thing that most people do is start mentally going through a checklist of important things. Where are their family and friends, is there enough emergency supplies, and do they have enough batteries. Then they weather out the storm, hunkering down and hoping for the best. Sometime Read more >>


Be Grateful for Who You Haveposted by in Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney is very much into technology. He has several blogs and also a video blog that he puts together every week. He also is very active on his Facebook page, keeping in touch with his many readers and Facebook friends there. Recently, Russ saw an online video about the about the war in Syria and it was so powerful in its sadness and despa Read more >>


Emotional Eatingposted by in Russ Whitney

The Interconnectivity of the Human Body, Emotions and Food One of the things that Russ Whitney stresses in his book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion is that, in order to grow, everyone needs to embrace their spirituality and get closer to God or the higher power of their choosing. If you take this a step further, it’s not Read more >>


How Did Russ Find His Inner Voice?posted by in Russ Whitney

When he first began writing his book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion, what Russ Whitney wanted to do was give readers a clear-cut way to tap into their own Inner Voice, which of course meant defining exactly what the Inner Voice is so that people could understand it. In Chapter 2 of the book Russ explains how, when he was a yo Read more >>

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