Russ on Women Finding Happiness Summitposted by in Russ Whitney

Happiness. It’s something that, for many people, seems to be quite elusive. The fact is, the pharmaceutical industry has made millions on drugs to make people ‘feel better’ because there’s so much unhappiness in the world. There are plenty of people out there however that are doing their best to not only live a life filled with happiness Read more >>


Sharing the Messageposted by in Russ Whitney

One thing that you can always count on from Russ Whitney is honesty and straightforwardness. For example, he’s the first one to admit that much of the inspiration for his book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion comes from sources such as the book of Proverbs, books on ancient and modern philosophy, seminars he has attended and even ju Read more >>


Russ Whitney on Emotional Mojo and a Free Giftposted by in Russ Whitney

As one of the most popular motivational speakers in the world, Russ Whitney is constantly being invited to talk shows of all kinds to be interviewed. Recently he was invited to be a guest on a web-based show called Emotional Mojo and he opened up to the house about the inspiration behind his new book, Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion. Read more >>


Russ Whitney Wants You to Practice Gratitudeposted by in Russ Whitney

In many 12-step programs they tell their members to have ‘an attitude of gratitude’, and Russ Whitney will be the first to tell you that, while he made not agree with everything they say, he can certainly agree with that. Actually, Russ Whitney has another term for it. He calls it “practicing gratitude”, which means being grateful for wh Read more >>


Create Your Bliss. Discover the Joy Within. Begins 7/15!posted by in Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney will be one of the expert speakers at this event. The following is a guest blog by event hostess:  Jackie Kotei Have you stopped pursuing your dreams because you feel you just don’t have enough? If only I had enough money… If only I had enough time… If only I knew enough… This summer, don’t let a scarcity Read more >>


Russ Whitney Wants You to Listen to the Musicposted by in Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney was wondering ... have you ever stopped to think about the music that you listen to while you’re working, relaxing and otherwise going about your day? For many people music is simply background noise that they don’t really pay a lot of attention to, and that’s a bit of a shame. The reason is simple; music is incredibly influen Read more >>


The Dynamic Russ Whitneyposted by in Russ Whitney

Those people who have known Russ Whitney for the longest usually use a very specific word to describe him, and that word is dynamic. Russ has lived his life at a very fast pace for a very long time. If you’ve already read his book, Inner Voice, then you’ll know the term that we refer to when we say that Russ Whitney has been in “warrior mo Read more >>


Russ Whitney Wants to Know If You Have a Hobby?posted by in Russ Whitney

Do you have a hobby? If you do, it’s probably one of your favorite things to do. It can be a sport like playing tennis or bowling. It could be something you do all by yourself like painting figurines, or it can be something you do in a group like getting together and playing a role playing card game. Some people collect things for a hobby like Read more >>


Russ Whitney Asks Can You Rely On the People Closest To You?posted by in Russ Whitney

Well another month has ended and here we are at the beginning of the next! Many people find it hard to believe that five months of 2014 are already behind us! The truth is, we can all rely on the fact that every month will have a beginning and an end. We also know with certainty that, today at least, we have another day to live, but we also can Read more >>


Russ Whitney Wants You to Know the Difference Between Interest and Commitmentposted by in Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney has, as millions of other people do, a Facebook page that he uses to post updates, greet newcomers and let Inner Voice readers everywhere know what’s going on in his world. As most Facebook users do, he also posts interesting photographs, sayings and other things on his Facebook page on a regular basis. Of course the items tha Read more >>

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